What is 542542 (kgbkgb)?

kgb's text answer service currently operates in the US and Canada, 542542 (kgbkgb) combines the power of the company’s best-in-class knowledge database with the judgment and skill of a specially-trained community of kgb Special Agents who provide quick, accurate responses to any question. Users who text 542542 (kgbkgb) receive real-time responses to questions any time, day or night, from any cell phone, for a cost of $1.49 ($1.00 CAD in Canada). Message and data rates may apply.

Our Special Agents are specially-trained home-workers who provide you with human answers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Think you've got what it takes to answer all the questions America has for you? Check out the job here.

Never sent a text message? Learn how to text a question to 542542 (kgbkgb) here.

You can try the service from our homepage, or you can read more about us in our Press Room on our corporate site, here.